Essentials Range

A Range Of 20 in 25ml Oral Sprays

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Twenty of the pre-prepared combination essences have also now been developed into a handy to use oral spray format. Whilst the contents and healing properties of the essence remain unaltered, the packaging has been redesigned and the directions for use simplified.

Other Features Of The Essentials Range:

  • Each Essential essence contains a blend of 4-10 single flower essences from our single essence range. ‘Energy Shield’ also contains Gem and Elemental Essences.
  • The names and packaging of each Essential essence have been specifically created to facilitate ease of choice in the selection process.
  • The name and key word of each essence has been chosen in accordance with the highest positive attribute that the essence brings.
  • The design of the label and box packaging has been created using colour therapy to ensure its alignment to  the desired emotional-mental outcome.
  • The oral spray container is produced from Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a material that can be recycled multiple times.
  • The format of the oral spray makes it quick and easy to use, and its lightweight and durable packaging makes it simple to carry.
  • Available with complementary retail stands.