Using a Pendulum

Dowsing is the ancient art of obtaining information using multi-sensory perception that is amplified by an instrument such as a pendulum.  The person dowsing holds the instrument still, then clears their mind of thought and asks a question.  The instrument indicates a response through its movement.

When we dowse we unconsciously access a response through our intuition or psychic abilities.  We use the pendulum to bring our own consciousness out of the picture, and ask a question aloud or internally to set the intention that engages the universal energy to guide the pendulum in the direction that provides a visual response that we can easily interpret.  It can be said that dowsing is a way to access the collective consciousness.

On p180 of the Handbook there are two dowsing charts listing all of the combination essences between then. Please read the Handbook for more detailed information on dowsing with a pendulum, and establishing an initial ‘yes’ and ‘no’ response.

While dowsing may seem strange, tribal people have been dowsing for water throughout time, an increasing number of health professionals of all kinds find dowsing to be a helpful diagnostic aid.  Radiesthesia for example, is the use of the pendulum for the perception of radiation.

In the field of holistic healing, dowsing may be used as an outright modality of its own; such as examining the subtle energy bodies or for selecting remedies. Many flower essence practitioners know dowsing as a valuable aid to selecting essence.  We invite you to enhance your natural sensitivity with steady training and practice of Dowsing.