How to use Essences

A person selects an essence by assessing which one most closely addresses the positive qualities that they would like to encourage in themselves. Each essence has corresponding keywords which express the emotional, psychological and soul issues to be brought out and enhanced. Intuition often calls a person’s attention to particular essences. The person selecting an essence should be encouraged to read the descriptions on the label to see which essences intuitively feel right.

All our essences have a wide range of applications and there are directions for use on each product:

Solo, Gem and Elemental Essences; a few drops can be taken directly under the tongue or in a glass of water to be sipped throughout the day. They can, however, be administered more frequently in acute conditions and the dosage then reduced with improvement. You may also combine these individual essences to create an individual remedy.

Combo Essences; up to seven drops may be taken in the same way as above.

Room Mists; may be sprayed freely around the aura or a localised space. They should not be consumed or applied directly onto the skin.

Essence dosages can be reduced to half for babies and young children. Alternatively, parents can simply apply a few drops of the essence to the pulse points on the wrist, behind the knees and the soles of the feet of their young ones.

HintA good practice for those working with essences for themselves is to write up what is happening for them, before and after taking the essences, so they can monitor and chart their own experiences and developments.