The healing and medicinal qualities of plants and flowers have been used for the benefit of humans from the earliest known civilisations right through to the present day.

Throughout time, healers have intuitively understood that we are made from the same elements from which all of nature is created … From the particles of space, the world was born … They recognise the interdependence of all life and possess ways of interpreting the elemental make up of nature. From this inherent understanding, over the centuries many rituals and sacred ceremonies for purification and healing have developed, including the preparation of the essence of flowers floated on water.

This innate knowledge and wisdom of healers was passed on orally from generation to generation for millennia until the early 16th Century where we see the first documentation in the contemporary records of the consumption of dew from the blossoms of flowers for healing purposes. It was this practice which inspired the later 20th Century development of modern flower essence preparation for therapeutic application.

As we progress into the 21st Century, scientific research and technology is altering our understanding of the balance between good health and disease. The best of ancient and modern viewpoints of the human body are now combining to deepen our understanding of how we may use flower and other vibrational remedies in the everyday practice of maintaining good health and wellbeing, and as a part of our own personal and spiritual development.