Challenges Of A General Nature: Where a person is being presented with a situation to demonstrate their ability and strength, or to stand in their truth. This can either require a person to assert him or herself, or to accept their powerlessness over the situation. Both of these scenarios can present a challenge to someone if they are normally used to responding in the opposite way.
Go With The Flow relaxes the mind and shifts attitudes to those that mobilise will and intention.

Financial Challenges: Where a person is struggling to have faith that there are, for example, enough funds, clients, mortgage lenders or jobs out there to meet their needs. Likewise, where a person indicates a general tendency to view issues on an economic or global scale as a reason why they should limit their own success.
Prosperity, Prosperity Mist, Feeling Prosperous Duo Pack instils a belief in ones ability to shape the future by holding positive intentions.

Emotional Challenges: Where a person feels burdened by memories and judgements from the past that are weighing them down, perhaps to the extent they feel incapable of moving forward or they feel incapacitated.
Karma Clear transforms negative patterns through forgiveness and by bringing an understanding to the lesson(s) behind the challenge(s).

Social Challenges: Where a person is feeling challenged by someone in a family, intimate relationship or at work and where they may be, consciously or subconsciously, sensitive to the energies of others. Their ‘openness’ makes it very easy for them to absorb other people’s ‘stuff’. This can be tiring and emotionally overwhelming, even debilitating to the extent that they can become ill. A key indication of this may be when they describe the other person as a bully or as being domineering, selfish and needy.
Psychic Protection, Psychic Protection Mist, Feeling Safe Duo Packs instils feelings of safety and security when interacting with others. Protects from absorbing their negative energy.