Low Mood and Sadness

Depressive: Where a person experiences a period of prolonged sadness and an aversion to activity, both of which affect their sense of wellbeing. A person tending towards depressive low moods may also talk of feeling hopeless, worthless, empty, irritable or ashamed. Some may also talk of feeling disempowered in not having the ability to stop feeling this way and to move forward.
Light Being lifts the spirits and provides strength to rise above troubles. Instils a feeling of connectedness.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a person indicates that they are clinically depressed or having suicidal thoughts, you could suggest they seek additional professional support.

Seasonal Disorder: Where a person indicates that their low mood is related to the onset of winter and the darker months of the year.
Seasonal Affections supports emotional resilience, tolerance and strength whilst adapting to the adverse conditions at this time of year.