Relationship With Self

Sense of Duty: Where a person tends to have an issue with authority. They may indicate feelings of guilt and inadequacy, or feel a continuous obligation to hide their sensitivity.
Masculinity assists in finding freedom from a sense of duty. Opens the heart to acceptance, compassion and a willingness to move from power to love.

Mood Swings: Where a woman indicates a tendency to feel irritable during transitional periods associated with her monthly cycle or the menopause, leading her to over-react and feel overwhelmed.
Femininity provides support in harmonising moods and temperaments. Instils a feeling of ease and stability with oneself.

Adolescence: Where a young person is distressed by the feelings of awkwardness, oversensitivity and embarrassment associated with puberty.
Teens provides support during this turbulent time of emotional awakening.

Inner Conflict: Where a person indicates feeling discord between their heartfelt convictions and logical thinking.
Spiritual Marriage brings about the inner union between the wisdom of our feminine energy and the skilful action of our masculine energy.

Inner Guidance: Where a person seeks clarity on a particular issue, which they explain in terms of their personal journey, finding their path or soul searching.
Holy Grail supports the expression of intuition, inspiration and wisdom.

Self-Criticism: Where a person indicates self-consciousness or lack of self-confidence in relationships.
Eros helps you to feel good about yourself and be in-tune with your body.

Self-Sabotage: Where a person indicates feeling powerless victimised or rejected.
Inner Child transforms the child part of you and honours the person you have become.