Relationships with Others

Intimacy: Where a person expresses a tendency to feel self-conscious in relationships and indicates a desire to express their love freely, deepen their connection with their partner or enrich their relationship.
Eros, Eros Mist, Feeling Love Duo Pack supports the expression of love, openness and emotional intimacy.

Loss or Grief: Where a person indicates that a loved one has passed away, or that an intimate relationship has come to an end, and they are experiencing heartache, grief, or solitude.
Heart Support offers comfort and consolation. Restores hope, strength and courage.

Unresolved Conflict: Where a person indicates irritation or distress at a partner or family member who is repeatedly triggering destructive emotions and demonstrating limiting beliefs which then fuels self-sabotaging behaviour in both parties.
Inner Child instils self-nurturing to enable the letting down of self-protective barriers and the development of a playful side in response to emotional triggers.