Disrupted Sleep: Where a person complains of tiredness, reduced energy, physical or mental exhaustion, lack of motivation or general fatigue.
Sweet Dreams assists in unwinding and in relaxing into a peaceful restorative night’s sleep.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To be used when disturbed sleep patterns have lead a person to become out of sync with their internal clock. Where the mind has become restless when trying to get to sleep to the extent that they lie awake during the night even though they are very tired. Helps the body overcome the associated sleep anxiety that arises in this instance.

Fatigue Following Illness: Where a person experiences tiredness and fatigue following a period of illness.
Life Force stimulates the body’s natural recuperative powers.

Travel: Where a person associates tiredness associated with travelling.
Bon Voyage supports in maintaining inner balance whilst in transit. Instils a feeling of ‘ready to go’ on arrival at the destination.

Relationships: Where a person indicates that their tiredness is experienced through feeling overwhelmed by a certain relationship or their role in caring for others.
Psychic Protection, Psychic Protection Mist, Feeling Safe Duo Pack Instils a feeling of safety and security when interacting with others. Protects from absorbing their negative energy.

Electro Magnetic Stress: Where a person suspects their tiredness is due to electrical, magnetic, wireless and/or microwave frequencies to the extent that it is causing a feeling of depletion and helplessness.
Energy Shield gives space and respite to assist the body in clearing static energies and strengthening inner defences.