In this presentation we aim to provide a brief overview of Flower Essences, together with introducing Gem and Elemental Essences, as part of the wider forming field of Vibrational Medicine.

In Section 1, Essences, we explain the process for Flower, Gem and Elemental Essence preparation, and provide a basic explanation for how essences work on the body. The explanation is kept to a level that can be easily conveyed to someone who is being introduced to essences for the first time and who has no prior knowledge or understanding of essences.

We then describe how to use essences and provide responses to some of the most frequently asked questions that arise from consumers.

In Section 2, The FFE Range, we detail the full range of Findhorn Flower Essence products and provide some background information on essence preparation and product design.

In Section 3, Find A Remedy, we outline some of the most common life issues, as a customer may express them, together with a description of the essence(s) that they can take to offer support in rebalancing the mental and emotional effects which can arise from these life issues.