Elemental Essences

A Range Of 5 in 15ml Dropper Bottles plus 2 Spiritual Essences in 15ml Dropper Bottles

The Elemental Essences stock kit of 5 elemental essences and 2 spiritual essences may be used to restore the health of the elements in the body and to strengthen the life-force energy in the related chakra as follows:

Earth 1st Chakra

The ability to stand in strength in your power

Water 2nd Chakra

The power to create harmonious emotional relationships

Fire 3rd Chakra

The desire to help others

Air 4th Chakra

The expression of unconditional love, sympathy, emotional independence and personal refinement

Ether 5th Chakra

The expression of consciousness

Exaltation 6th Chakra

The manifestation of goodwill expressed through the heart and mind

Wesak 7th Charka

The opening to divine inspiration

All 7 of the Elemental Essences were created in Scotland by the sun infusion method. The Earth and Water essences were created at the River Findhorn, the Fire essence was created on the Dunelands at the Findhorn Foundation Community on the Summer Solstice, the Air and Ether essence were created on the Sacred Isle of Iona off the west coast of Scotland, whilst both Exaltation essence and Wesak Blessing essence were created at community events held at the Findhorn Foundation Community.