Our 4 Duos come as beautiful Gift Boxes that combine both Room Mists and Combination Essence!

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Our Feel Good Duos combine one of a Room Mists, to be sprayed externally in a room, together with one of the corresponding Flower Essence Combinations, to be taken internally as an Oral Spray. As both the Room Mist and Flower Essence Combination contain the same combination flower essence formula, the person taking both remedies at the same time will gain an enhanced benefit from its healing and therapeutic properties.

The Duo Packs come in an easy to display cardboard box packaging with a clear plastic cover which acts as a window through which to view both products. They make an ideal gift item and offer both a gesture of intention and practical emotional support to the person in receipt.

  • Love Duo: Helps to open your heart, express love freely and enrich your relationships.
  • Safe Duo: Helps to protect one’s self from negative energies.
  • Prosperous Duo: Helps to manifest your dreams and goals. Succeed and Prosper.
  • Calm Duo: Helps to transform emotional turmoil.