Sacred Mists

Our 4 Sacred Room Mists come in 100ml Blue Glass Bottles

Our Sacred Mists are made with natural and organic essential oils, flower, gem and elemental essences to infuse and transform the atmosphere or aura with their therapeutic energies and divine fragrances.

Sacred Light blends Blue Lotus essential oil with Lotus Lily Flower Essence. It helps you to find inspiration and evoke the aspiration to strengthen the heart–mind connection, and realise inner wisdom

Sacred Space blends Rose and Frankincense essential oils with Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Ether Elemental Essences. It purifies and clears your physical space to create a more positive, relaxing atmosphere.

Sacred Earth blends Palo Santo, Rhododendron and Sandalwood essential oils with Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald, Jasper, Topaz, Ruby, and Amethyst Gem Essences. It helps you to stay grounded and focused, to feel at home in yourself and in your environment.

Sacred Energy blends Lavender and Peppermint and contains the Combination Essence of Energy Shield, which Marion created as an environmental essence to be used both on the land and in humans. As a powerful shielding essence, this Room Mist is particularly useful for strengthening our inner defences.